1st Annual Congress, March 8–9, 2002

1st Congress of the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network

New York City, March 8 – 9, 2002

Sessions and abstracts

1A SESSION: History of BIG, Part I
Fred Bock, “Basic Income and the Shadow of Speedhamland.”
The analysis of the “Speenhamland” era of the English Poor Law has had a surprisingly important influence on recent social policy debates in the United States. This paper reviews that influence and analyzes a large body of scholarship on the English Poor Law between 1795 and 1834 produced by economic and social historians over the past four decades. While sifting through this evidence is complex, the basic conclusion is that recent scholarship has undermined the Speenhamland stories told by social policy analysts from a variety of theoretical perspectives. The paper concludes with an account of how the initial Speenhamland story played a critical role in the development of the tradition of Classical Economics.
John Cunliffe, University of Central England, and Guido Erreygers, University of Antwerp, “Inheritance and Equal Shares: Early American Views”



Attendees of the First Congress of the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network

(In alphabetical order by first names)
Al Sheahen, author of Guaranteed Income: The Right to Economic Security
Alice O’Connor, UC Santa Barbara, author of Poverty Knowledge: Social Science, Social Policy
and the Poor in Twentieth Century U.S. History
Almaz Zelleke
Amy Wax, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Ana Kolubova
Anne Alstott, Yale University, coauthor of The Stakeholder Society
Anne Hollister
Brenda Rubenstein
Barbara Bergmann, American University, author of The Economic Emergence of Women, author of In Defense of Affirmative Action, coauthor of America’s Child Care Problem: The Way Out
Bertha Murphy
Bertrand Klein
Bradley O. Nelson
Brian Steensland, Princeton University and the University of Indian
Buford E. Farris, Jr., Ph.D., University of St. Louis
C. Panayotakis
Charles M. A. Clark, St. John’s University
Christopher Roades Dykema
Doreen M. Nash
Harold Oaklander, Ph.D.
Edie Lundgren, SUNY Stony Brook
Eduardo Suplicy, member of the Brazilian Senate

Prior to the 1st Congress, USBIG held a series of seminars from January 2000 to July 2001.