12th Annual Congress, May 9–11, 2013

12th North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress:

Basic Income and Economic Citizenship

New York City, May 9  – 11, 2013

The Congress was organized by the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network (USBIG) in cooperation with the Basic Income Canada Network (BICN/RCRG), and was held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Economic Association (EEA).

The NABIG Congress was originally the USBIG Congress, and was organized by the USBIG Network. It became a joint event of the USBIG Network and BICN/RCRG in 2010. Since then, it has been a NABIG Congress held on alternate years in the United States and Canada. Previous NABIG congresses have been held in Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, and New York City.

Featured speakers of this  NABIG Congress included:

  • Sheri Berman, Barnard College, author of The Primacy of Politics: Social Democracy and the Making of Europe’s Twentieth Century;
  • Jurgen De Wispelaere, McGill University, co-editor of The Ethics of Stakeholding;
  • David Casassas, University of Barcelona, co-editor of Basic Income in the Age of Great Inequalities;
  • James Riccio, MDRC, co-author of “Toward Reduced Poverty Across Generations: Early Findings from New York City’s Conditional Cash Transfer Program”; and
  • Darrick Hamilton, The New School, co-author of “Can ‘Baby Bonds’ Eliminate the Racial Wealth Gap in Putative Post-Racial America?”