13th Annual Congress, June 26–29, 2014

13th North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress

Held in Conjunction with the 15th BIEN Congress

Montreal, June 26  – 29, 2014

A North American Basic Income Guarantee (NABIG) Workshop was held Thursday, June 26, the day before the Basic Income Earth Network Congress in Montreal. This workshop brought together activists, scholars, and others interested in basic income to talk about whether and how basic income can be advanced politically, and how to address media and public perceptions of basic income.

The conversation included people interested in reducing poverty and inequality, or sharing resources more equitably, or empowering workers (both wage workers and people doing unpaid work, care work, etc.), or sharing the burdens of carbon taxation by distributing carbon dividends, or reforming taxes by means of resource taxation and citizen dividends.

For more information, see the BIEN Congress webpage on the workshop:

http://biencanada.ca/congress/nabig-workshop, or contact michael.howard@umit.maine.edu.