The U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network (The USBIG Network) is an informal network promoting discussion of the basic income guarantee in the United States.

Read a history of the first five years of USBIG.

Martin Luther King on BIG

MARTIN LUTHER KING’S ENDORSEMENT OF THE BASIC INCOME GUARANTEE has been addressed twice by Jordan Weissmann in articles in the online version of The Atlantic MagazineMartin Luther King’s Economic Dream: A Guaranteed Income for All Americans and Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Solution to Poverty.

Desmond Tutu on BIG

DESMOND TUTU’S ENDORSEMENT OF THE BASIC INCOME GUARANTEE in a videotaped address that Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Nobel Laureate and one of the great figures of the anti-apartheid struggle) made at the Eleventh BIEN Congress is on the web on For a direct link go to:

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