USBIG Blog: Basic Income and the Something for Nothing Objection

The children of the wealthy get "something for nothing" - so why not everybody?

Basic Income and Minimum Wage

Social responsibility should be shared by all, and so that all can benefit in a fiscally responsible way.

Guest Blog: The Challenge of Universal Basic Income and Why Manna is a Solution

"Using tax dollars and fiat currency to fund a UBI only stimulates debate; we remove ourselves from that."

US Basic Income Organizations Discuss Future Cooperation

"Here are some of the complementary benefits that readers can get by belonging to all of these."

The Importance of the Indigenous Voice and Experience in the UBI Discussion

"A dialogue needs to be started between the UBI community and indigenous nations."

Economic Security for All: Questions about Chris Hughes’ Guaranteed Income Proposal

By: Michael A. Lewis (Professor of Social Work, Hunter College) Facebook and Economic Security Project (ESP) co-founder, Chris Hughes has a new book out. Called Fair Shot: Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn, the book is part memoir,…