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Introducing Chelsea Wilkinson, New Interim President of USBIG

It is an honor to introduce myself to our readers and I am excited to have this opportunity to help shape the future of USBIG as the Interim President!  I’m an Asian-American woman who grew up in California’s East Bay Area and now reside in Portland, Oregon. I grew up very passionate about animals, fostering […]


Mike Howard’s Parting Words Stepping Down as President of USBIG

I have been the Coordinator of the US Basic Income Guarantee Network since 2008, when Karl Widerquist stepped down, and President of USBIG, Inc., our non-profit organization, since it was incorporated in 2017. I was drawn to the organization as a scholar and an activist, writing on theories of social justice and their applications. Basic […]


BIG Conference 2022 High School Essay Contest Winners!

This year’s High School Essay Contest winners have been announced! Congratulations on all three winners! To read, click the titles below. 1st Place: “Fall Apart.” Ahmed Ahmed (Nevada, United States) 2nd Place: “The Effects of Universal Basic Income.” Sania Patel (Tennessee, United States) 3rd Place: “Universal Basic Income Could Change the World.” Felix Ni (Manitoba, Canada)  


Researchers Learn from UBI Pilots around the World

Soomi Lee Many pilot programs are being implemented in U.S. cities and some states. What do we learn from all these pilot programs and what new questions have they raised? Researchers in Portugal and Spain interviewed many stakeholders in the past pilots and experiments around the world in the U.S., Canada, India, Namibia, Finland, Spain, […]


2022 High School Essay Contest on Basic Income

Aleeza Howitt This year is the second high school essay contest in honor of the 20th annual Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) Conference. It is open to all high school students across the U.S. and Canada. Last year, the winning essays were “Gaining Ground” by Joshua Z. Miller and “The Role of UBI in the Fight […]


Guest Blog | BIG LEAP: Los Angeles Basic Income Pilot

“Basic Income Guaranteed: Los Angeles Economic Assistance Pilot,” or in short, BIG: LEAP, is officially in effect last week on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.  Our guest Paloma Henriques explains the program design, research plans, and its significance.  * * * L.A. Basic Income Pilot Builds Off Success in Stockton Paloma Henriques In Los Angeles, 3,200 […]


Psychologists Help Better Understand Current UBI Debate

Interview with Joachim Hüffmeier, Professor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology Soomi Lee It should be no surprise that opinions toward UBI differ considerably. We each have our own assumptions about the proper relationship between money and work, and different things that motivate us to work. As such, psychology is a key element in UBI discourse. It is […]


State-Level UBI and Guaranteed Income Initiatives in the U.S.

Peter T. Knight Coordinator, Sufficiency4Sustainability Network As of September 3, 2021, 25 cities and towns in the United States are planning or carrying out guaranteed income pilot programs, and the number is expected to continue increasing in the context of the 100 Mayors for Guaranteed Income campaign being conducted by Mayors for a Guaranteed Income […]


What would Andrew Yang’s Basic Income plan have meant for New Yorkers?

Max Ghenis Andrew Yang’s campaign for mayor of New York has concluded, but his centering of basic income in his campaign (for a second time) remains noteworthy. The candidate proposed a “Basic Income for New York” which would spend $1 billion annually on unconditional cash transfers to the poorest 500,000 adults. In an analysis for […]


Reflections on the basic income movement and the NABIG 2021 Congress

Michael Howard Coordinator, USBIG The movement for a basic income guarantee (BIG) has come a long way since the USBIG Network was founded in 1999 as the US affiliate of BIEN, and the first North American Basic Income Guarantee (NABIG) Congress was held in 2002. The most dramatic changes have occurred within the last two […]