Logo for the BIG, The Basic Income Guarantee Conference

The 21st Basic Income Guarantee Conference

June 8-9, 2023

(Virtual Attendance)


Theme: Building Momentum Across the Movement

We are so excited to once again begin the process of bringing the guaranteed basic income community together to design the programming for the 21st Annual Basic Income Guarantee Conference, to be held in-person in Chicago, IL on June 8-9, 2023. 

The BIG Conference has grown over recent years to become the annual national conference for the basic income movement, bringing together grassroots activists, policy wonks, artists, pilot administrators, social and economic justice organizations, think tanks, researchers, community-based nonprofits and more. The goal of the conference is threefold: 1) to take stock of the current state of the movement 2) to inspire, conspire and collaborate on efforts for the upcoming year; and 3) provide a space to build strong relationships for coordinated, highly collaborative work. 

The theme for the 2023 BIG Conference is Building Momentum Across the Movement. We will be concentrating on a few key areas of focus: Building Intersectional Coalitions, Shifting Culture and Narratives, and Nurturing a Diverse Policy Landscape. These areas of focus dictate the structure of this year’s conference, during which we will have both plenary sessions as well as deeper inquiry sessions that take the form of panel discussions and interactive activities for each focus area.  

We are seeking proposals for presentations, collaborative sessions, panel discussions, activities, etc that can take place during the conference. We encourage creative formats, especially activities that can help facilitate our goal of connecting the movement together.  The BIG Conference Committee is dedicated to continuing to provide opportunities for the broader basic income community to share the inspiring work you have been doing. We look forward to hearing more from you, and seeing you in Chicago this June!

Process for Submitting a Proposal for BIG 2023:

  1. Write a proposal. This should be a max of 350 words and should include the following:
    1. A title for your topic / session and the names and bios for each person who will be participating in your session.
    2. An outline of the content that will be covered during the session.
    3. A description of the structure you envision – is this a panel discussion, an installation / table share out, a slide presentation, an interactive activity, or something else? 
    4. Tell us how your proposed topic connects with the both the goals of the conference and the main theme Building Momentum Across the Movement and/or at least one of the key areas of focus: Building Intersectional Coalitions, Shifting Culture and Narratives, and Nurturing a Diverse Policy Landscape.
  2. Fill out this form, which includes a field to upload your proposal. It also asks for a bio and headshot, so get those ready! Here’s the URL, if you have issues with the text link: https://forms.gle/JZvMz6uUu2gcXQQn7

We are looking to bring together researchers, activists, artists, and policy makers to focus their collective expertise, experiences, and energies, to move the vision of a universal guaranteed basic income forward. Now more than ever, we see the need to connect what we have learned and continue to learn from empirical evidence and other research to those who are on the ground advocating and organizing movements, and those in our countries’ capitols setting policy for years to come. Together, we call on you to join the effort to take stock and plan our way forward, as we move from crisis response to building the foundational underpinnings of society for the next generation. Come share your knowledge, your know how, your insights, and your passion, as we harness a burgeoning interest and greater commitment to the need for a basic income guarantee.

We invite proposals in the following formats:

  • Individual 10-15 minute presentation with additional Q&A.
  • Panel discussion of 3-4 people, 45 minutes
  • Interactive / Participatory Workshop, 45 minutes
  • Have a novel suggestion? Let us know!

Proposal Submissions:  Please submit your proposal (max. 350 words) using this link: https://forms.gle/JZvMz6uUu2gcXQQn7. The deadline is January 20, 2023.

Registration:  Please register for the BIG Conference using this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/21st-annual-basic-income-guarantee-bigconference-tickets-489073310437

Questions?:  Email the BIG Conference: thebigconference@usbig.org