The Basic Income Guarantee is an unconditional, government-insured guarantee that all citizens will have enough income to meet their basic needs

Discussion Papers

The USBIG discussion paper series makes available papers in progress about or relating to the Basic Income Guarantee as a forum for discussion in advance of publication. If you would like to submit a paper for this series, send an electronic copy to Please follow the instructions for authors for all submissions.

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# Date Author Title
245 Jul 2014 Gajewska, Katarzyna How Basic Income Will Transform Active Citizenship? A Scenario of Political Participation beyond Delegation (pdf)
190 Jan 2009 Antonopoulos, Rania and Kim, Kijong Public job creation: A path to Inclusive and Gender Equitable Development (doc)
167 Feb 2007 Bambrick, Laura A BIG Response to Wollstonecraft’s Dilemma (doc)
260 Mar 2015 Barnes, Peter Dividends for All:A Practical Solution to Economic and Planetary Insecurity (pdf)
207 Feb 2011 Barua, Susmita A Global Citizen’s Manifesto: Basic Income as Basic Human Right (doc)
231 May 2013 Basso, Leonardo Fernando Cruz Saving the Euro: Creating Social Regional Currencies, Taxes on Financial Transactions, and Minimum Income Programs (doc)
135 Sep 2005 Bergh, Andreas Basic Income (pdf)
10 Feb 2002 Bergmann. Barbara R. A Swedish-Style Welfare State Or Basic Income: Which Should Have Priority? (pdf)
71 Jan 2004 Bezruchka, Stephen BIG Medicine for Achieving Population Health in the U.S. (doc)
124 May 2005 Birnbaum, Simon Real Libertarianism, Structural Injustice and the Democratic Ideal (pdf)
3 Dec 2000 Block, Fred Basic Income and the Shadow of Speedhamland (doc)
139 Dec 2005 Bloom, Abe and Steve Bloom A proposal to establish a social fund in the USA to eliminate poverty through a tax surcharge on households earning incomes of more than $100,000 per year (pdf)
283 Jun 2017 Boraks, Barbara Consensus or Discord- It’s  Our  Choice: A Values Based Framework For a Basic Income Model (pdf)
107 Feb 2005 Bouquin, Stephen The local exchange system (doc)
20 Feb 2002 Bouquin, Stephen & Catherine Levy Social minima a part of recommodification of labour? Critical assessment concerning the tendencies towards basic income (doc)
263 Mar 2015 Brun, Jonathan How to Build a Citizen Movement for Basic Income (pdf)
18 Feb 2002 Bryan, James B. Did the U.S. Welfare Reforms of 1996 and the Expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit Eliminate the Need for a Basic Income Guarantee? (doc)
60 Feb 2003 Bryan, James B. Targeted Programs v. The Basic Income Guarantee: An Examination of the Efficiency Costs of Funding Different Forms of Redistribution (doc)
208 Feb 2011 Bryan, James B., and Sarah Lamarche Castillo Politics, the Preservation of Natural Resource Wealth, And the Funding of a Basic Income Guarantee (doc)
136 Sep 2005 Bugra, Ayse and Caglar Keyder Arguing for Basic Income in Turkey: Main Challenges (pdf)
114 Mar 2005 Busilacchi, Gianluca Two Problems, One Solution: The Earth Basic Income (doc)
148 Feb 2006 Butler, Sam The Poverty of Politics (pdf)
123 May 2005 Calderon Cuevas, Eduardo and Oscar Valiente Gonzalez Basic Income as a Policy to Fight Child Labour (pdf)
31 Mar 2002 Caputo, Richard K. FAP Flops: Lessons Learned from the Failure to Pass the Family Assistance Plan in 1970 and 1972? (doc)
162 Feb 2007 Caputo, Richard K. The Death Knoll of BIG or BIG by Stealth: A Preliminary Assessment of UBIG Political Viability around the Globe (pdf)
191 Feb 2009 Caputo, Richard K. Commentary on the book 'The Failed Welfare Revolution: America's Struggle over Guaranteed Income Policy' (pdf)
286 Sep 2017 Cholbi, Michael The Anti-Paternalist Case for Unconditional Basic Income Provision (pdf)
29 Mar 2002 Clark, Charles M. A. Basic Income: Promoting Social Justice in a 21st Century Economy (doc)
80 Feb 2004 Clark, Charles M. A. Ending Poverty in America: The First Step (doc)
4 Mar 2001 Clark, Charles M.A. Changing Labour Markets: Towards Real Flexibility (doc)
117 Apr 2005 Clark, Robert F. The Earth as a Common Trust: Implications for a Minimum Income Guarantee (pdf)
138 Oct 2005 Clark, Robert F. Assaulting Global Poverty: Shortfalls and Proposed Remedy (pdf)
49 Jan 2003 Clark, Stephen The Basic Income as a Foundation of a Sound Currency and a Free and Open Market (doc)
184 Feb 2008 Clark, Stephen The Little Red Hen Thinks Again (doc)
32 Mar 2002 Clark, Stephen C. Funding a Basic Income Guarantee Considering Size, Political Viability, and Pipeline (doc)
142 Feb 2006 Clark, Stephen C. A Declaration of Independences (pdf)
161 Jan 2007 Clark, Stephen C. The Juarez Plan (doc)
192 Feb 2009 Clark, Stephen C. Excalibrator Logarhythmic Floating Cybercurrency (pdf)
272 May 2016 Clegg, William David Trading Dysfunction for Freedom (docx)
99 Jan 2005 Colombo, Gianluca, Andrea Fumagalli, Stefano Lucarelli, Jacopo Mazza, Edoardo Mollona, and Cosma Orsi Testing the Value of Solidarity and the Implementation of Social Cohesion Policies (doc)
160 Jan 2007 Cook, Richard C. The Basic Income Guarantee and Monetary Reform: A Tale of Two Ideas (doc)
193 Feb 2009 Cook, Richard C. A Bailout for the People: Dividend Economics and the Basic Income Guarantee (pdf)
227 Jul 2012 Crocker, Geoff Why Austerity is the Wrong Answer to Debt: A Call for a New Paradigm (docx) (docx)
236 Jun 2014 Crocker, Geoff Why Austerity is the Wrong Answer to Deficit Why Basic Income is the Right Answer: A perspective from the UK economy (doc)
39 Nov 2002 Cruz Basso, Leonardo Fernando Meritorious currency: a currency against famine (doc)
126 May 2005 Cruz, Maria N When Financial Benefits Guarantee School Attendance Without Children and Adolescents Stopping Work: the bolsa escola case of the Municipal Government of Belo Horizonte (Brazil) (pdf)
213 Mar 2011 Cummine, Angela Overcoming Dividend Skepticism: Why the World’s Sovereign Wealth Funds are Not Paying Dividends (doc)
7 Jan 2002 Cunliffe, John and Guido Erreygers Inheritance and Equal Shares: Early American Views (pdf)
128 Jul 2005 da Silva e Silva, Maria Ozanira From a Minimum Income to a Citizenship Income: The Brazilian Experiences (pdf)
62 Feb 2003 Dahms, Harry F. Breaking the Glass Cage: How Basic Income is a Quantitatively Different Social Policy Paradigm (doc)
100 Feb 2005 Daly, Lew Whatever Happened to Unearned Income? (doc)
122 May 2005 Danahey, Patrick Education And The Democratic Sovereignty Of The People: A Human Rights Approach Towards Introducing And Entrenching The Full Integration And Implementation Of A Universal Income Beyond The Duration Of (pdf)
157 Nov 2006 De Wispelaere, Jurgen and Lindsay Stirton The Public Administration Case Against Participation Income (pdf)
105 Feb 2005 Dietsch, Peter Institutions as Motivational Bootstrapping (pdf)
83 Apr 2004 Dyan, Paula How It Feels to Be Homeless (doc)
261 Mar 2015 Eduardo Matarazzo Suplicy THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE CITIZEN’S BASIC INCOME IN BRAZIL (doc)
137 Sep 2005 Elgarte, Julieta Magdalena Non-Domination, Real Freedom, and Basic Income (pdf)
256 Feb 2015 Engel, Ashley The republican path to freedom: How a universal basic income can mitigate global human trafficking (docx)
232 May 2013 Ernst, Kelly Re-democratizing the economy: The implications of infusing community-mindedness into the marketplace (pdf)
216 Jun 2011 Ernst, Kelly, and Gillian Steward Clues to Deepening Disparity: Continuing Impacts and Implications of the Economic Meltdown on Immigrants and Students (pdf)
204 Apr 2009 Eyal, Nir 207-Near-Universal_Basic_income_April2009.pdf (pdf)
90 Aug 2004 Füllsack, Manfred BI as a “Medium”? An “un-ethical” approach to the BI-debate (doc)
150 Feb 2006 Füllsack, Manfred BI - a “historical necessity”? Sketch for a “functional” approach to the BI-debate (pdf)
67 Jan 2004 Farina, Pete The Case Against Income Inequality: Unequal Income Is Unequal Citizenship (doc)
11 Feb 2002 Farris, Buford Was it only a Dream: Guaranteed Income through the eyes of a Sixties Poverty Warrior in Texas (doc)
44 Jan 2003 Farris, Buford A Real War on Poverty: Guaranteed Income Plus (doc)
102 Feb 2005 Farris, Buford The Compassionate Face of Religion: A Grounding for a Guaranteed Income (doc)
163 Feb 2007 Farris, Buford Happy Workers. Welfare Queens and Surfers: Images in the Debate Around a Guaranteed Income (doc)
185 Feb 2008 Farris, Buford Compassionate Liberalism as a Frame for a Renewed War on Poverty (doc)
194 Feb 2009 Farris, Buford Sociology and Basic Income: A Case Study of Four Theorists (pdf)
214 Apr 2011 Flomenhoft, Gary Creating Sovereign Wealth (and a dividend) In A State With Little Resource Wealth-The Case Of Vermont (doc)
33 Mar 2002 Frankman, Myron Funding a Planet-Wide Citizen's Income: Trial Calculations (html)
246 Jul 2014 Frankman, Myron Universalizing the Universal Declaration (of Human Rights) (pdf)
247 Jul 2014 Frankman, Myron Justice, Sustainability and Progressive Taxation and Redistribution: The Case for a World-Wide Basic Income (pdf)
95 Sep 2004 Frankman, Myron J. Ample Room at the Top: Financing a Planet-Wide Basic Income (doc)
47 Jan 2003 Fumagalli, Andrea Bioeconomics, labor flexibility and cognitive work: the unequal exchange (doc)
48 Jan 2003 Funicello, Theresa Getting on a path to just distribution: The Caregiver Credit Campaign (doc)
195 Feb 2009 Gaffney, Mason George's Economics of Abundance: Replacing dismal choices with practical resolutions and synergies (pdf)
14 Feb 2002 Garfinkel, Irwin, Chien-Chung Huang, Wendy Naidich, Effects Of Tax Rebates on Poverty and Income Distribution (doc)
229 Apr 2013 Geobey, Sean Social Innovation, Personal Empowerment, and the Death of the Social Service: What Would a Basic Income Mean for the Social Sector? (docx)
115 Mar 2005 George, Robley Socioeconomic Democracy: A Democratic Basic Income Guarantee (doc)
275 Jan 2017 Gibson, Mart The Browser Economy: An Analysis for determining the Optimization of Investment and Consumption Allocations according to their Valuation in a Market Economy (pdf)
285 Jul 2017 Glass, Karen Ontario Basic Income Pilot (pdf)
244 Jul 2014 Glover, Robert W., and Michael W. Howard A Carrot, Not a Stick: Examining the Potential Role of Basic Income in US Immigration Policy (docx)
147 Feb 2006 Gonzalez Bailon, Sandra and David Casassas Corporate Watch, Consumer Responsibility, and Economic Democracy: Forms of political action in the orbit of basic income (pdf)
265 May 2015 Goodwin, Neva Core Support for the New Economy (doc)
37 Jul 2002 Handler, Joel Social Citizenship and Workfare in the U.S. and Western Europe: From Status to Contract (htm)
51 Jan 2003 Handler, Joel Myth and Ceremony in Workfare: Rights, Contracts, and Client Satisfaction (doc)
129 Jul 2005 Handler, Joel F. The False Promise of Workfare: Another Reason for a Basic Income Guarantee (pdf)
1 May 2000 Harris, Robert The Guaranteed Income Movement of the 1960s and 1970s. (doc)
82 Mar 2004 Hartzok, Alanna Citizen Dividends and Oil Resource Rents (doc)
210 Feb 2011 Hartzok, Alanna APF – Room for Improvement? Can the Alaska model be applied on a worldwide basis? (docx)
230 May 2013 Hartzok, Alanna James Robertson Tribute (pdf)
181 Feb 2008 Harvey, Phil Laying out the Argument for a Public Works Program (pdf)
57 Feb 2003 Harvey, Philip The Right to Work and Basic Income Guarantees: A Comparative Assessment (doc)
130 Aug 2005 Healy, Sean and Brigid Reynolds Introducing a Basic Income System Sector by Sector in Ireland (pdf)
170 Feb 2007 Healy, Sean and Brigid Reynolds Making Tax Credits Refundable: A Pathway to Basic Income in Ireland? (doc)
54 Jan 2003 Henriques, Manuel The Guaranteed Minimum Income Schemes in the European Union, the Crisis in the European Social Policy Model and the Lessons from the USA (doc)
40 Nov 2002 Hern Universal basic income as a preferential social dividend (doc)
253 Feb 2015 Heydorn, M. Oliver A National Dividend vs. a Basic Income – Similarities and Differences (docx)
87 Jul 2004 Howard, Michael Basic Income and Migration Policy: A Moral Dilemma? (doc)
96 Oct 2004 Howard, Michael Basic Income and Migration Policy: A Moral Dilemma? (doc)
180 Feb 2008 Howard, Michael Cosmopolitanism and Self-Determination (doc)
9 Feb 2002 Howard, Michael W. Liberal and Marxist Justifications for Basic Income (doc)
110 Mar 2005 Howard, Michael W. Basic income and job guarantees: alternatives or complements? (doc)
132 Aug 2005 Howard, Michael W. Basic Income and Migration Policy: A Moral Dilemma? (pdf)
196 Feb 2009 Howard, Michael W. An Open Letter to President Obama on Environmental Justice (doc)
218 Jul 2011 Howard, Michael W. A Cap on Carbon and a Basic Income: A Defensible Combination in the United States? (doc)
221 May 2012 Howard, Michael W. Basic income, resource taxation, and inequality: Egalitarian reservations about tax shifting (doc)
222 May 2012 Howard, Michael W. Basic income, resource taxation, and inequality (powerpoint) (ppt)
235 Jul 2013 Howard, Michael W. Current and Coming Catastrophes and Unconditional Cash Transfers: Unconditional Cash Transfers, World Poverty, and Climate Change (doc)
258 Feb 2015 Howard, Michael W. Exploitation, Labor, and Basic Income (doc)
271 May 2016 Howard, Michael W. Maximal and Minimal Strategies for Introducing a Basic Income (doc)
287 Sep 2017 Howard, Michael W. Inequality and basic income: a political challenge for faith communities (doc)
241 Jun 2014 Hubbard, Libby Universal Income, Women’s Liberation, and Neutopian Thought (doc)
81 Mar 2004 Hughes, James Embrace the End of Work (doc)
127 May 2005 Jahn, Jens-Eberhard Problems of a Programmatic UBI Debate Within the German Party of Democratic Socialism (pdf)
143 Feb 2006 Janicke, Marie A. and Ellen A. Hadley National Sales Tax: Making a Basic Income Guarantee Palatable to the Powerful (pdf)
267 Aug 2015 Jörimann, Albert Financing Basic Income in Switzerland - state of the debate before the 2016 popular vote on the Basic Income Initiative (doc)
153 Feb 2006 Ji-Young, Yoo The Impact of TANF on Income, Poverty Rate and Poverty Gap among Women and their Families (pdf)
178 Jan 2008 Jubb, Rob Basic Income, Effective Control Self-Ownership, and Market Power (doc)
224 May 2012 Kahrs, Freimut Uncertainty on Job Markets and its Implication on Wage and Unemployment (pdf)
75 Feb 2004 Keely, Louise, C. and Tan, Chih Ming What Role Does Identity Play in the Preference for Income Redistribution? (pdf)
118 Apr 2005 Kittay, Eva Dependency-Independent Justice: Is BIG the answer (doc)
119 Apr 2005 Kunnemann, Rolf Basic Food Income (doc)
19 Feb 2002 Laurent, Thierry and Yannick L’Horty Static vs. Dynamic Inactivity Trap on the Labor Market: Revisiting the “Making Work Pay” Issue. (DOC)
50 Jan 2003 Laurent, Thierry and Yannick L’Horty Basic Income/Minimum Wage Schedule and the Occurrence of Inactivity Traps : Some Evidence on the French Labor Market (doc)
217 Jul 2011 Layman, Daniel Locke on Basic Income (doc)
66 Jan 2004 Leland Neuberg Emergence and Defeat of Nixon’s Family Assistance Plan (doc)
86 Jun 2004 Levine et al A Retrospective on the Negative Income Tax Experiments (doc)
5 May 2001 Lewis, Michael A Critique of Phelps' Welfare Economic Justification of Wage Subsidies (doc)
15 Feb 2002 Lewis, Michael Perhaps There Can be Too Much Freedom (doc)
166 Feb 2007 Lewis, Michael A. What To Do About Care Work: Compensate Or Facilitate? (doc)
94 Aug 2004 Lewis, Michael A. and Eri Noguchi Class-Based Inequities in Civic Participation: Some Possible Reasons, One Possible Solution (doc)
76 Feb 2004 Lewis, Michael A. and Farberman, Harvey A. The Cost of Caring: The Impact of Caring for the Elderly on Women’s Earnings (doc)
197 Feb 2009 Lloyd, Eron The Social Shareholder Model (pdf)
103 Feb 2005 Marangos, John Thomas Paine (1737-1809) and Thomas Spence (1750-1814) on Basic Income Guarantee (doc)
106 Feb 2005 Marx, Axel and Hans Peeters An Unconditional Basic Income and Labor Supply: Results From a Survey of Lottery Winners (pdf)
140 Jan 2006 Mays, Jennifer Employment and Disability: Some Emerging Questions (pdf)
70 Jan 2004 McGuire, George Green Capitalism (doc)
154 Mar 2006 McGuire, George Big and the Flat Tax - A Populist Essay (pdf)
17 Feb 2002 Morrison, Roy A Framework for Justice and Fairness (doc)
149 Feb 2006 Morrison, Roy A Basic Income Grant and a Sustainable Future (pdf)
254 Feb 2015 Morrison, Roy The BIG and The BEE: A Sustainable Convergence: (Basic Income Grant and Basic Energy Entitlement) (doc)
262 Mar 2015 Mulvale, James P. Working with an Elegant Idea in a Messy and Chaotic World: Thoughts on Real-World Implementation of Basic Income (pdf)
186 Feb 2008 Mulvale, Jim The Guaranteed Adequate Income Debate in Canada: Challenges and Opportunities (doc)
72 Feb 2004 Murphy, Jason That We May Know What We Want: Towards an Argument for a Basic Income Guarantee Based On Deliberation (doc)
52 Jan 2003 Murphy, Jason and John Buerck Thinking Machines, Automated Administration, Employment and Citizen’s Participation (doc)
198 Feb 2009 Murphy, Jason Burke Baby Steps: On the Need for Incremental Victories (doc)
187 Feb 2008 Nathanson, Stephen The Decent Level Criterion of Justice and Its Competitors (doc)
225 Jul 2012 Nathanson, Stephen Equality, Sufficiency, Decency: Three Criteria of Economic Justice (pdf)
92 Aug 2004 Nattras, Nicoli AIDS and the Disability Grant in South Africa: Further Reasons for Introducing a Basic Income Grant (doc)
133 Aug 2005 Nattrass, Nicoli The Challenge for Basic Income Posed by AIDS: Why an Incremental Approach Is Inadequate in South Africa (pdf)
23 Feb 2002 Nattrass, Nicoli and Jeremy Seekings The Political-Economy of a Basic Income Grant in South Africa (doc)
46 Jan 2003 Neuberg, Leland G. Beyond Basic Incomes and Stakes: Toward a More Egalitarian Society (doc)
55 Feb 2003 Neuberg, Leland G. What Defeated a Negative Income Tax?: Constructing a Causal Explanation of a Politically Controversial Historical Event (doc)
73 Feb 2004 Noguchi, Eri and Lewis, Michael A. Unconditional Basic Income: A Basic Condition of a Better Society? (doc)
91 Aug 2004 Noguchi, Eri and Michael Lewis In Defense of Lazy: An Argument for Less Work, More Community (doc)
104 Feb 2005 Noguchi, Eri and Michael Lewis So Long As There Are Bad Jobs, There Will Be Poor Workers: An Argument for an Anti-Poverty Policy NOT Dependent on the Labor Market (doc)
134 Sep 2005 Noguera, Jose Antonio Citizens or Workers? Basic Income vs. Welfare-to-Work Policies (pdf)
58 Feb 2003 Opielka, Michael Carework Salaries: The German Case and Beyond (doc)
116 Apr 2005 Opielka, Michael Complex Justice and Basic Income (doc)
238 Jun 2014 Ozanira da Silva e Silva,Maria THE CONDITIONALITIES OF THE BOLSA FAMÍLIA: its conservative face and limitations to implement the Citizenship Basic Income in Brazil (doc)
255 Feb 2015 Pagen, Diane R. Unspent TANF ("welfare") Block Grants: Nothing to spend it on? (pptx)
264 Apr 2015 Palacios, Aida Land restitution as an exit option (pdf)
203 Apr 2009 Pasma, Chandra Working Through the Work Disincentive - April 2009 (doc)
199 Feb 2009 Pech, Wesley Behavioral economics and the basic income grant: A critical evaluation (pdf)
248 Aug 2014 Pereira, Richard Universal Basic Income and the Cost Objection: What are We Waiting For? (pdf)
98 Jan 2005 Pizzigati, Sam Can a Society with a Very Rich Be Decent to the Very Poor? The case of a “maximum wage” (doc)
242 Jun 2014 Popho, E.S. Bark-yi Basic Income and Women: Beyond Heterosexual Marriage System and Hetero-normativity (doc)
278 Jun 2017 Presser, Rachel Why UBI Should Make the Earned Income Tax Credit Obsolete (pdf)
21 Feb 2002 Pressman, Steven Guaranteed Incomes and the Equity-Efficiency Tradeoff (doc)
200 Feb 2009 Pressman, Steven Justice and History: The big problem of Wilt Chamberlain (doc)
279 Jun 2017 Pressman, Steven Ecology vs. the Economy LESSONS FROM PIKETTY’S CAPITAL IN THE 21ST CENTURY (pptx)
280 Jun 2017 Pressman, Steven A LITTLE BIG: The Case for Child Allowances (pptx)
173 Mar 2007 Quaraishi, Sabrina How Empowering Is Microcredit: A Look At Grameen Bank (doc)
269 Dec 2015 Rainer, Robert Summary of Evidence from a Selection of Cash Transfer Programs and Pilots (pdf)
257 Feb 2015 Ranalli, Brent Historical Precedents: The Townsend Movement (pdf)
273 Aug 2016 Ranalli, Brent Dividends for Development: A Role for Common Wealth Dividends (CWD) in the International Aid Agenda (pdf)
274 Nov 2016 Ranalli, Brent In Memoriam: Alfred F. Andersen and the Tom Paine Institute (pdf)
284 Jun 2017 Regehr, Sheila Dignity or Degradation: What should be the value base for building a benefit system? (pdf)
41 Nov 2002 Rey Pérez, José Luis Can we argue for a human right to Basic Income? (doc)
234 May 2013 Riccio, James, et al. Toward Reduced Poverty across Generations: Early Findings from New York City`s Conditional Cash Transfer Program (pdf)
159 Dec 2006 Richa Looking at BIG from below (doc)
205 Dec 2009 Richa A Basic Income Guarantee as Reparations for Group Injustice (html)
183 Feb 2008 Roy, Christian Civilian Service for Social Security? Basic Income and Labor Sharing in the Thought of Arnaud Dandieu (doc)
171 Feb 2007 Schenk, Nadine Political Decision Making and Agenda Setting in South Africa: Why the Basic Income Grant has not (yet) been accepted by government in South Africa (doc)
121 Apr 2005 Seekings, Jeremy Prospects for Basic Income in Developing Countries: A Comparative Analysis of Welfare Regimes in the South (doc)
151 Feb 2006 Seekings, Jeremy Employment guarantee or minimum income? Workfare and welfare in developing countries (pdf)
24 Feb 2002 Shafarman, Steven Ending Hunger, Homelessness, and Debilitating Poverty: Comparing BIG and other approaches (doc)
28 Mar 2002 Shafarman, Steven Beyond Left vs. Right: A New Political Discourse (doc)
35 May 2002 Shafarman, Steven Welfare and the True Meaning of “Conservative” (doc)
42 Nov 2002 Shafarman, Steven Mobilizing Support for Basic Income (doc)
13 Feb 2002 Sheahan, Al Why not Guarantee Everyone a Job? Why the Negative Income Tax Experiments of the 1970s were Successful (doc)
12 Feb 2002 Sheahen, Al Does Everyone Have a Right to a Basic Income Guarantee? (doc)
68 Jan 2004 Sheahen, Al Does Everyone Have a Right to a Basic Income Guarantee (doc)
169 Feb 2007 Sheahen, Al The Rise and Fall of a Basic Income Guarantee Bill in the United States Congress (doc)
179 Feb 2008 Sheahen, Al The Rise and Fall of a Basic Income Guarantee Bill in the U.S. Congress (doc)
93 Aug 2004 Sheahen, Al and Karl Widerquist A Proposal to Transform the Standard Deduction into a Refundable Tax Credit (doc)
53 Jan 2003 Sheahen, Allan Does Everyone Have the Right to a Basic Income Guarantee? (doc)
144 Feb 2006 Sheahen, Allen It’s Time to Think BIG! How to Simplify the Tax Code and Provide Every American with a Basic Income Guarantee (pdf)
266 May 2015 Siegel, Paul B. Guidelines for Implementation of a Risk-Adjusted Basic Needs Package: A Rights-Based Approach to Achieve Global Social Justice (doc)
45 Jan 2003 Smith, Jeffery Not the Left, but a Critical Mass Will win, not BI, but Rent Dividends (doc)
8 Feb 2002 Smith, Jeffery J From Red to Green: From Income to Rents as the Funding Source for a Social Salary (doc)
89 Jul 2004 Smith, Jeffery J. The Citizen’s Dividend: Sharing the Wealth of the Commons (doc)
165 Feb 2007 Smith, Jeffery J. Can a Citizens Dividend Replace Welfare? (doc)
189 Mar 2008 Smith, Jeffery J. How to Make BI inflation-proof while also raising wages (doc)
209 Feb 2011 Smith, Jeffery J. Land Equity: Public or private? Can Geonomics Lower the CPI to Stretch the BI? (doc)
219 May 2012 Smith, Jeffery J. How to Harness Technology to Curb Work (doc)
145 Feb 2006 Smith, Jeffrey Fund BI Not from Income but from Outgo (pdf)
223 May 2012 Stapleton, John A Difficult Puzzle: social assistance case loads in the Great Depression and three major post-war recessions (pdf)
226 Jul 2012 Stevens, Harvey The Role of Income Inequality in Accounting for Homicide Rates in Canada (doc)
120 Apr 2005 Stevens, Jillynn Social Welfare Policy: Controlling Gender, Race and Class (doc)
228 Apr 2013 Suplicy, Eduardo Matarazzo The Basic Income Idea Spreads in the American Continents (doc)
34 Apr 2002 Suplicy, Eduardo From a Minimum Income to a Basic Income in Brazil (doc)
131 Aug 2005 Suplicy, Eduardo Matarazzo The Approval and Sanctioning of the Basic Income Bill in Brazil: How it will be Implemented (pdf)
152 Feb 2006 Suplicy, Eduardo Matarazzo Citizen’s Basic Income: The Answer is Blowing in Wind (pdf)
158 Nov 2006 Suplicy, Eduardo Matarazzo The possible Transition from the Bolsa-Fam (doc)
211 Feb 2011 Suplicy, Eduardo Matarazzo Some Good News about the Advancement of an Unconditional Basic Income (doc)
63 Apr 2003 Suplicy, Eduardo Matarazzzo President Lula's Zero Hunger Program and the Trend Toward a Citizens' Basic Income in Brazil (doc)
182 Feb 2008 Suplicy, Senator Eduardo A Basic Income to Democratize and Pacify Iraq (doc)
108 Feb 2005 Swanson, David Basic Income Guarantee Versus the Corporate Media (doc)
112 Mar 2005 Tcherneva, Pavlina and L. Randall Wray Common Goals (doc)
79 Feb 2004 Tcherneva, Pavlina R. Job or Income Guarantee? (doc)
69 Jan 2004 Theodore, Carla Utopia or Oblivion (doc)
259 Mar 2015 Thomas, Jude VANISHING SCARCITY: Basic Income as a Means to Preserve Value in the Arts (pdf)
43 Nov 2002 Thurlow, James Can South Africa Afford to Become Africa's First Welfare State? (doc)
84 Apr 2004 Tideman, Nicolaus The Ethics of Basic Income Grants (doc)
172 Mar 2007 Tideman, Nicolaus The Ethics of Unequal Basic Income Guarantees (doc)
212 Mar 2011 Tideman, Nicolaus A Basic Income Guarantee as Justice and as Morality (doc)
201 Feb 2009 Tideman, Nicolaus and Tsang, Kwok Ping Seigniorage as a Source for a Basic Income Guarantee (rtf)
233 May 2013 Timm, Valerie Claim for an unconditional basic income (UBI) as a human right? (pdf)
270 May 2016 Todd McKissick Global  Universal  Basic  Income  via  1%  Bitcoin  Transaction  Fee (pdf)
164 Feb 2007 Todd, Christine Poverty Reduction and Welfare Provision for Single Parents in Aotearoa / New Zealand and the United States - A Comparative Analysis (doc)
141 Jan 2006 Tomlinson, John Faint Praise for a Chimera: Selectivity versus Universalism in Social Policy (pdf)
237 Jun 2014 Tomlinson, John Real freedom for the filthy rich – precariousness for the rest of us: Why we must fight for a Basic Income (pdf)
97 Dec 2004 Tomlinson, John, Penny Harrington, and Simon Schooneveldt Why Australian Workers and Unions Should Support Basic Income (doc)
243 Jul 2014 Torry, Malcolm A Basic Income is feasible: but what do we mean by ‘feasible’? (doc)
26 Mar 2002 Van Trier, Walter Who Framed ‘Social Dividend’? (doc)
202 Feb 2009 Vandenberghe, Marc Financial crisis: RIGHT on Basic Income for a stable financing of basics economy? (doc)
250 Sep 2014 Vivan Storland Basic income a stabilising driver? (docx)
240 Jun 2014 Walker, Mark Why Taxes Should be Much, Much Higher: BIG, a More Complete Capitalism and Inverted Marxism (doc)
25 Mar 2002 Waltman, Jerold The Basic Income Guarantee and the Living Wage: A Comparative Anatomy (doc)
6 Nov 2001 Wax, Amy Something for Nothing: The Liberal Case Against Welfare Work Requirements (doc)
56 Feb 2003 Wax, Amy The Political Psychology of Social Security: (doc)
281 Jun 2017 Weber, Cameron The Actually-Existing Welfare State in the USA and One Possible Transformation to a Basic Income (pdf)
74 Feb 2004 Wetzell, David On Some Unappreciated Implications of Becker’s time Allocation Model of Labor Supply (DOC)
168 Feb 2007 Wetzell, David L A New Kind of Index Fund Designed to Grow the Social Security Trust Fund (doc)
77 Feb 2004 Wetzell, David, L. On the Welfare Effects of a Wage Floor in a Two-Sector Labor Market with Impoverished Workers (DOC)
2 Sep 2000 Widerquist, Karl Citizenship or Obligation (doc)
27 Mar 2002 Widerquist, Karl Who Exploits Who? (doc)
30 Mar 2002 Widerquist, Karl Phelp’s Economic Discipline as Undisciplined Economics (doc)
36 May 2002 Widerquist, Karl The Stakeholder Account System (doc)
38 Sep 2002 Widerquist, Karl A Failure to Communicate: The Labor Market Findings of the Negative Income Tax Experiments and Their Effects on Policy and Public Opinion (doc)
64 Apr 2003 Widerquist, Karl Citizens Capital Accounts: A Proposal (doc)
65 Dec 2003 Widerquist, Karl Economic Possibilities of our Grandparents (doc)
78 Feb 2004 Widerquist, Karl Freedom as the Power to Say No (doc)
85 May 2004 Widerquist, Karl Does She Exploit or Doesn’t She? (doc)
88 Jul 2004 Widerquist, Karl Freedom as the Power to say no (doc)
109 Mar 2005 Widerquist, Karl Justice as Voluntary Agreements (doc)
146 Feb 2006 Widerquist, Karl On Duty (pdf)
155 Mar 2006 Widerquist, Karl The Basis of Voluntary Trade (pdf)
156 Mar 2006 Widerquist, Karl Property Rights by General Agreement (pdf)
175 May 2007 Widerquist, Karl A Dilemma for Libertarians (doc)
176 May 2007 Widerquist, Karl The Physical Basis of Voluntary Trade (doc)
177 Sep 2007 Widerquist, Karl Lockean Property Theory (doc)
188 Mar 2008 Widerquist, Karl Status Freedom (doc)
206 Jun 2010 Widerquist, Karl What Does Prehistoric Anthropology Have to Do with Modern Political Philosophy? Evidence of Five False Claims (pdf)
249 Aug 2014 Widerquist, Karl The Big Casino An Introduction Summary of Independence, Propertylessness, and Basic Income: A Theory of Freedom as the Power to Say No (docx)
277 Jun 2017 Widerquist, Karl The Cost of Basic Income: Back of the Envelope Calculations (pdf)
101 Feb 2005 Wirengard, Robert Capitalist Living Dividend, Not a Living Wage (doc)
16 Feb 2002 Wolff, Ed Recent Trends in Living Standards in the United States (doc)
111 Mar 2005 Wright, Erik Olin Basic Income as a Socialist Project (doc)
125 May 2005 Yamamori, Toru Basic Income and Capability Approach: On Recognition and Deconstruction for Difference (pdf)
22 Feb 2002 Zelleke, Almaz Basic Income in the United States: Redefining Citizenship in the Liberal State (doc)
59 Feb 2003 Zelleke, Almaz Distributive Justice and the Argument for Basic Income (htm)
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