The Basic Income Guarantee is an unconditional, government-insured guarantee that all citizens will have enough income to meet their basic needs

Instructions for submission to the USBIG Discussion Paper Series

Papers may be any length but they must include an abstract of 40 to 200 words. Papers must be in one of the following formats: PDF, HTML, MS Word, Rich Text Format (.rtf), or Text Only Format (.txt). But we cannot post or even open anything in WordPerfect Format. Please note that papers submitted in formats other than PDF or HTML will be converted to HTML and there is often difficulty converting charts, graphs, and images into HTML.

To avoid these problems, submit papers in HTML or PDF. Papers can be submitted at any time. The abstracts will be announced in the next USBIG newsletter, and made available to working paper search-engine sites. The goal of the series is to further discussion of BIG and to give authors a chance to get feedback on BIG papers before they are formally published. The inclusion of a paper in the series is not considered a "publication" and there is no rigorous review process. All points of view are welcome. Papers must simply be coherent scholarly articles relating to BIG or to the state of poverty and inequality.

Send submissions as email attachments to Michael Howard: