The Basic Income Guarantee is an unconditional, government-insured guarantee that all citizens will have enough income to meet their basic needs


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The USBIG Network maintains two blogs on its website, both written by Karl Widerquist. Most of what appears here appears simultaneously in the USBIG Newsletter.

The Alaska Dividend Blog

The Alaska Dividend, properly called the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD), is the closest thing to a basic income guarantee that exists in the world today. It is a small, yearly dividend, financed indirectly from oil revenues, paid by the state government to every citizen who lives in Alaska-including all men, women, and children. This blog has news and commentary about the Alaska Dividend as a small basic income that can provide a model to be copied elsewhere.

The Basic Income Guarantee Blog

In this blog, Widerquist writes about the Basic Income Guarantee and contemporary U.S. and world politics.