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No Time for Austerity

I can’t believe the news. We are in the midst of the worst global depression in 70 years, and the governments of almost every major industrialized country are talking about austerity. They’re cutting government services; laying off public sector workers; … Continue reading

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Why I Support the Basic Income Guarantee

I write a lot about the Basic Income Guarantee (BIG)—about its labor-market effects, its use as cushion against instability, and so. In this essay I want to explain in simple terms why I believe it is so worth talking about. Continue reading

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President Obama Receives BIEN Letter Through Senator Suplicy

In March 2011, Brazilian Senator (and tireless campaigner for BIG), Eduardo Suplicy told me and other members of the USBIG and BIEN Committees that he would soon be meeting with President Barak Obama at a dinner during the President’s visit … Continue reading

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A BIG in Iraq?

Senator Eduardo Suplicy, of Brazilian, campaigned for BIG in Iraq several years ago. This year at the North American BIG Congress in New York, he announced that the Iraqi ambassador called him to say that the Iraqi government has accepted … Continue reading

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USBIG Unveils Two BIG Blogs

It has occurred to me that I have essentially been blogging regularly about BIG and about the Alaska Dividend since I started writing this newsletter. But past entries aren’t very accessible. Opinion and blogs are mixed with news and announcements … Continue reading

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